Friday, June 21, 2013

five on friday

Happy Friday y'all!
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My Maybooks came in the mail this week, and I'm so pumped about them. I got the weekly agenda, a budget journal (because I'm becoming such a big girl now) and a regular lined notebook. How cute?!

Ain't that the truth!

I've recently been jacking my mom's camera a heading into the backyard, neighbor's backyard, your backyard (what?!) and snapping pictures. I can't tell you why the sudden interest in photography but it's so fun. I'm still learning how to focus on certain things and learning my way around a camera. Here are a few shots that I've taken this week.

Any tips or advise to help my amature photography skill is welcomed!

Ever heard of Screen on the Green? Well I had too but didn't discover that it was so close to me until yesterday. We went to Atlantic Station last night to watch The Hunger Games. 

And the best part was I got to hang out out with my bestie Lauren. We haven't seen each other in quite some time and it was great reconnecting again.

I made dinner again last night. Buffalo Chicken Casserole. I'm becoming quite the Suzie Homemaker. Tell all your single, straight guy friends. I had it again today for lunch.

I went for a run and it was absolutely perfect. I've been pretty bad at keeping up with my running schedule but it felt so great to get out and stretch my legs. I gotta get back in my routine especially since the Peachtree Road Race is coming up July 4th.

Happy weekend y'all!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


It's Wind's Day! Hopefully it's sunny enough to go to the pool today. Ya girl needs to work on her tan!
But here's what I'm loving today :)

I am loving my new favorite exercise activity.

Our super cool jumping shoes that look like a cross between basketball shoes and moon boots.

We went yesterday thinking we'd jump for an hour. OMG we were dying after 5 minutes of nonstop jumping and messing around. I didn't think I would sweat that much! Ew.

I am loving that next week I'll be in Chicago visiting family. It's pretty rare that we get to see each one another other than Christmas. Bring on the yankee accents. God love 'em. They never know what to make of me when I speak. 

I am loving my finds on Etsy this week. 

I'm loving the Pinterest has secret board that you can pin to. I currently have a hidden wedding board for obvious reasons. Let me list them.
1. I'm single
2. I'm no where near getting married
3. I don't want people stealing my ideas. Which I realize is a silly reason but it's my reason nonetheless.
4. I don't want people thinking I'm some crazy person for pinning a ton of wedding pins because of the reasons listed above.

Ok fine stop begging I'll let you look at one pin :)

And I'm loving that I finally got my Haiti support letters out this week. Better late than never right?

What are you loving today?

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

OOTD and accidental twinning

Ok yesterday's weather, cra-zy! It was all nice and sunny then, boom (literally). One of Georgia's famous summer storms. But it did leave it feeling much cooler outside. The perfect weather for shorts and a button up.

ootd (yesterday)

I love white shorts, I think they're so versatile. You can dress them up with a flowy top and wedges to go out to dinner with some friends, or pair them with a button up and sandals for relaxed, day look. 

Untitled #5

I met with my small group last night at Chick-fil-a before we had our bible study and turns out white shorts and chambray were the popular items of the day.

Accidental twinning with my girl Taylor.

Have a fabulous Tuesday!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Five on Friday

I'm linking up with Natasha at Hello! Happiness for my first, and certainly not last, Five on Friday.

I finished all my doctor appointments for the year. One "perk" of being a teacher is having to have all your appointments during the summer. But good news, no cavities!

Father's Day is all planned! I can't wait to celebrate my wonderful dad this weekend. He's seriously the best man ever. I'm so bless to have him as a father. 

My brother is coming to town tonight to go to the Braves game with me. It's the first one that we've been to together all season. Plus it feels like its been forever (2 weeks) since I've seen him.

I ordered my new planner for the school year and it's not Lilly Pulitzer. I repeat it's not Lilly P. Please don't hurt me! After three years I feel like I needed a change and perhaps a more "grown up" planner so I ordered one from May Designs. It's so cool, you can completely design and personalize it yourself. I can't wait for it to come in!

I made dinner and dessert for the roommates, aka my parents, and me last night. It was a recipe that I saw on Rachel Rays website. BLT Penne. Dispute the use of so many leeks, which smell an awful lot like onions, it was really good. But as my dad says, "There's no such thing as a bad dish with bacon in it!" Ok dad. 

And for dessert I made Snickerdoodle. My second favorite cookie. I must say I make a pretty darn good Snickerdoodle. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Pool Bag

My pool days have drastically changed since I've graduated but they are nonetheless fun. More relaxing, less umm "socializing". 
Catch my drift? No?
Well let's just say my beverage of choice is a bit different now. Gimme dat water! And we'll end story time with that. 
So, what's in my pool bag?

Pool Bag

What's in your pool bag?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's been forever since I've done a WILW post.
Thank goodness it's Wednesday so I can finally share with y'all!

I'm loving that I finished me to-do list yesterday. Hello relaxing day today! (Until 2:30 when I have to get my mouth poked at by the dentist. Ugh! Say a prayer for me. Better yet the dentist.)

I'm loving my colorful notecards I made for my upcoming Haiti trip.
That Kreyole ain't gonna learn itself. 

I'm loving my finds on Etsy this week.

Come to momma!
Does anyone else obsess over Etsy as much as I do. I even have the app on my phone. Lame? Or not lame?

I'm loving my new lotion I scored at Victoria's Secret yesterday.
It's the perfect summery sent.
I may or may not have used their 6 for $35 + the 7th one is free promotion and purchased SEVEN bottles of lotion/body wash. But I can neither confirm nor deny that statement.

What? They make great gifts!

And I'm loving that I've finished two books on my Summer Reading List already. However, I'm desperate for some new reads. Any Suggestions?

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Confessions

I see that I have a few new followers. Welcome! So glad you stopped by my little blog.
Let's go ahead a skip the awkward "Hi, how are you's."
I figured I would just dive in a confess some unique, weird, and down strange things about me. Game?

Ok here we go.

I don't drink soda. I know, a sin since I live in the Coke capital of the world, Atlanta but I don't like how the carbonation makes my stomach feel. And there's too much sugar. I'd rather eat my daily amount of sugar, than drink it.

And while we're on the subject of sugar, I'm always thinking about dessert. When I go out to eat I always go straight to the dessert part of the menu. My mom has literally dragged me away from the cheesecake display at the Cheesecake Factory mmm every time we go. What? I have a sugar tooth and no I don't plan on getting it removed :)

I drink a glass of warm milk before I go to bed every night. Yeah, grandma status. Don't roll your eyes, it helps settle my tummy and puts me to sleep. Don't knock it 'till you try it.

I love Snap Chat. I literally have full on conversations with some of my friends. And I'm great at it. Not to brag but my picture are hilarious!

I have a love/hate relationship with my feet. I'm using the term love loosely, very loosely. I used to HATE how they look. My first three toes (on both feet) are the same length and I have the flattest feet ever! I used to have to wear these really intense arch-supports when I ran cross country and track. But now I tolerate them. I just paint them a pretty color and move on. Those self conscious day are ov-ah!

In college I had what my friends and I would call a "Freak Out" quilt. Whenever I had to do something I didn't want to do, for example homework, showering, eat at normal times or what it was most commonly known for; avoiding phone calls from crazy people, I would hid under the quilt.

Everyone should have a Freak Out Quilt.

Last one..

I live for Dance Moms. I can't exactly tell you why I love the show so much, it's nothing but screeching mommas, yelling teachers, and crying/dancing little kids. But I can't get enough! It's also my idea of "trashy" t.v. I don't really get into those other shows RHOA, the Bachelor/ Bachelorette (gasp!). But I do love me some Dance Moms.

Ok I think that's enough sharing for one day. See I'm not that strange!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend: Tuscaloosa Style

Friday morning afternoon, I got a late start, Kelly and I packed our bag and headed to Tuscaloosa to visit our friend Whitney. She has an internship with the football program at the University of Alabama. She's been helping get them organized and ready for their football camps they put on throughout the summer. Now I'm a Georgia Bulldog girl at heart but I was pretty impressed when she said she got a glimpse or two or three at head coach Nick Saben and quarterback AJ McCarron. 

 But go Dawgs.
We caught up over dinner and shopping, where I picked up a cute navy top that I wore out that night and two Lily and Laura bracelets to add to my ever growing collection.

This is how they spelled my name for the fitting room. 

We had so much fun talking about the college days, what we've been up to, and watching the crazy dancers try their "dance moves" out on the floor. We ended up closing the place down and staying out until the sun came up, something I haven't done in years!

Sorry for the grainy pictures. I really need to start bring my real camera more places.

We made the four hour journey home Saturday, Whitney's work week starts on Sunday. Boo. But it was such a fun weekend catching up. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful friendship with these girls.

How was your weekend?