Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's Wednesday!

This week is going by kinda fast. Not that I'm complaining, just making a statement. 
Here are some highlights from the week so far via my iphone of course.

Last night I was completely homework free. Tonight, not so much. But it's just grading. I tell my kids that they aren't the only ones that have homework every night, I do to. Usually they look at like I'm crazy (I get that look a lot from them).

Check out the new arm candy. Yeah all the cool kids at school are wearing them. So natch they gave me one because I'm a "cool" teacher.

Oh and hey, school pics. 

I finally got a pair of burgundy jeans. I've been dying for a pair for a while now and lucked into this pair this weekend while shopping. Obsessed with Madwell jeans now. The absolute best part? I got these babies for only $21. They practically gave them away. Thank you West Georgia student ID for getting me that student discount!
Want to see how awkward I really am? Check out these outfit pics from yesterday

My boring little corner is becoming less of an eyesore. I posted on Instagram a pic of my new chair but I've recently added a cute little bird cage next to it. No, I don't plan on keeping a real bird in there. The crazy lady at the store really thought I was going to. 

Um am I the only one in the universe that didn't know there was a new iphone coming out? And it's in color? Didn't the iphone 5 just come out. I mean I've only had mine for like 6 months, and it's an iphone 4s. Slow down in the tech Apple. I can't keep up.

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  1. Hi! Found your blog from XOXO Rebecca's Southern Blogger link up so I thought I'd say hi. :) I am loving your little chair corner! That is precious! And I too have a bird cage that I have sitting in our house with no plans to put a bird in it. I painted it tiffany blue and it's a bit distressed looking. I think it's cute. :) Also, those jeans are super cute on you!