Monday, July 1, 2013

Honey I'm home!

Holy July! I can't believe June is gone!! So where have spent the last week of June 2013 that we will ever see (think about it)?!? The beautiful city of Chicago of course! We have some family that live in a nearby suburb so we stayed with them and drove into the city to do some shopping and sight seeing. Ok not as much sight seeing as I would have liked but I had my cousins with me so I was content.

Seriously if I didn't hate the entire winter season so much (and wasn't such a southern girl.. yeah right!) I could totally see myself living in this city. 

I was sad to discover that the American Girl Place had moved into a mall. I remember when I was nine I went with my grandma and my American Girl Doll named M'Lynn, after my middle name, to have tea. 

what an awkward cutie right?

It was so much fun walking the Magnificent Mile and spending my paycheck :)
I would love to go back when it gets a little cooler and explore more of the city. I see another trip up there in my near future. 

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