Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Confessions

I see that I have a few new followers. Welcome! So glad you stopped by my little blog.
Let's go ahead a skip the awkward "Hi, how are you's."
I figured I would just dive in a confess some unique, weird, and down strange things about me. Game?

Ok here we go.

I don't drink soda. I know, a sin since I live in the Coke capital of the world, Atlanta but I don't like how the carbonation makes my stomach feel. And there's too much sugar. I'd rather eat my daily amount of sugar, than drink it.

And while we're on the subject of sugar, I'm always thinking about dessert. When I go out to eat I always go straight to the dessert part of the menu. My mom has literally dragged me away from the cheesecake display at the Cheesecake Factory mmm every time we go. What? I have a sugar tooth and no I don't plan on getting it removed :)

I drink a glass of warm milk before I go to bed every night. Yeah, grandma status. Don't roll your eyes, it helps settle my tummy and puts me to sleep. Don't knock it 'till you try it.

I love Snap Chat. I literally have full on conversations with some of my friends. And I'm great at it. Not to brag but my picture are hilarious!

I have a love/hate relationship with my feet. I'm using the term love loosely, very loosely. I used to HATE how they look. My first three toes (on both feet) are the same length and I have the flattest feet ever! I used to have to wear these really intense arch-supports when I ran cross country and track. But now I tolerate them. I just paint them a pretty color and move on. Those self conscious day are ov-ah!

In college I had what my friends and I would call a "Freak Out" quilt. Whenever I had to do something I didn't want to do, for example homework, showering, eat at normal times or what it was most commonly known for; avoiding phone calls from crazy people, I would hid under the quilt.

Everyone should have a Freak Out Quilt.

Last one..

I live for Dance Moms. I can't exactly tell you why I love the show so much, it's nothing but screeching mommas, yelling teachers, and crying/dancing little kids. But I can't get enough! It's also my idea of "trashy" t.v. I don't really get into those other shows RHOA, the Bachelor/ Bachelorette (gasp!). But I do love me some Dance Moms.

Ok I think that's enough sharing for one day. See I'm not that strange!


  1. Ahhh this just made me miss you even more! I miss that quilt! Haha

  2. Watching Dance Mom's as I read your blog :)
    You're too funny!!

  3. Hi Jenna!
    I just started following your blog, and I love it! You're so cute!
    Good luck with your upcoming first grade classroom! I graduated last year, so I know how hard it is to get a teaching job! So exciting!