Sunday, May 19, 2013

Shopaholics Not So Anonymous

Y'all I know I like to shop right? Clothes, shoes, jewlrey, scarves, bags you name it. I mean it's no big secret. But spending so much money on clothes does not sound like a responsible "big girl" choice. (I know I totally sounded like a teacher there.) I try to find good deals everywhere I shop and try my best not buy anything at full price or pay for shipping. But finding all those special "promo" codes while shopping online can get pretty tricky and time consuming. 

The website name pretty much says it all. has so many great coupon and even a cash back program! I've only been using the site for a little while and I've already saved a ton of money while expanding my wardrobe.
New season, new clothes right?
I just bought these J.Crew Cafe Capri and chino shorts using Shop At Home and got a great discount + free shipping.

Hello win win!

I was thrilled when they asked to do a blogger spotlight on me and my blog. You can check it out here
If you're a shopper, like I'm sure most all of you are defienty check out Shop At Home to find some great deals of your own. 

Happy shopping!

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