Thursday, May 2, 2013

Maxed out

And no I'n not talking about my credit card. I don't know about you but my stress bar has been pretty high this week. I've gotten home from work just about everyday not wanting to do anything but just sit on the couch. Not even wanting to watch TV, just sitting. Super lame and unproductive I know. Between projects at school and end-of-the-year grading I'm whooped by the end of the day. But tomorrow is career day and that should be pretty fun. Mom is coming to talk to the kids about being a nurse. She's presenting in my room so I had to rearrange the desk so all the kids could sit on the floor. Moving desks has got to be about the best sound in the world. Not. 

Check out these super cute regions of Georgia projects we've been working on. Each pair of kids recieved a Papa John's pizza box to create their regions.

They're so creative. 
And bless their little hearts. Today I wore a maxi dress and left my hair in its natural curly state and you would've thought I was going to the prom based on the way they were reacting. Kids are so funny.
And speaking of what I wore today I been the worst blogger about taking pictures of my outfit. I promise to be better about that the last three weeks of school.
Have a great evening!

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