Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Car Repairs, please don't coast me an arm and a leg. I've had pretty very, very good luck so far with my "older" car and I really don't want to have to start the process of buying a new one. Dear Student Loan Payments, WHY are you so complicated?! Seriously, any advice is much appreciated and will be welcomed with ice cream and a puppy! Dear Morning/Afternoon Talk Shows, I love that I have time to get my fix of Kelly & Michael, and Ellen everyday now that I'm not working all day. Dear Morning Coffee, you are beautiful and I love you! Dear Friday, let's be productive and get some things crossed off "the list". Which by the way, is growing everyday.

Happy Friday Y'all!!

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  1. Car repairs, uggghhh. Love Ellen!!

  2. Yea I am feeling the same about the Student loans...Stopping by from the Friday letter's linkup:) I am also a Georgia Girl and Your newest follower!

  3. Yes. About the car and student loans!! I'm the process of buying a new car now {pain in the butt} and student loans, I just have auto pay set up and don't have to worry about it. :)