Thursday, April 25, 2013

I believe

I believe that an organized closet is a happy closet.
You may think it doesn't look organized but trust me, I could think of an item of clothing in my head, close my eyes and pick it out. 
(No lie, I've done it before)

ok this is the dream. *sigh*

I believe that this corner is in desperate need of a good reading chair.
My poor pillow looks pathetic on the ground.

I believe that a cup of warm tea while reading a good book is essential.

I believe that painting your nails is some of the best therapy in world.

I believe that I am completely in love with some of the pretty details of my room.

I've been working so hard to get it finished before summer break.

And I believe that you can never have too much arm candy.
i'm currently obsessed with these Lily and Laura bracelets. 

and this Charlie Paige bracelet I picked up today from Parsons Gifts and Cards. They were having a luau today from 5-7 so of course I stopped by to see what new items they had. 
And seeing my bestie Olivia, was an added bonus :)

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