Saturday, April 6, 2013

doing a little catching up

i'm home from the beach and feeling so relaxed. i needed some time in the sun, sleeping in, squishing my toes in the sand.  i'm so happy that i got the chance to spend a great week with some great girls!

right when i got home friday i had to turn around and get ready for the color run that was this morning. 
if you've never run a 5k before i suggest this being your first one. it's so much fun!


our before pictures.

the afters. there's still blue powder in my ear. 
enticing right?

and since i haven't posted about easter yet here are the fam fam pic from last sunday.


  1. The color run definitely does look so fun! I have it as one of the things on my bucket list in life to do. :)

  2. Love your Lilly skirt!!! I have the dress!!! So comfy!

  3. Love your outfit from Easter--and the color run looks soo much fun!