Monday, April 29, 2013

Bridals by Lori

My best friend Stephanie recently got engaged and asked if I would be one of her bride's maids. Of course I said yes! I've know Steph since I was a little awkward 7th grader in youth group and despite our age difference we've always been super close.
Well this weekend was one of the rare times that her and all of us bride's maids could get together to try on dresses. She really wanted to go to Bridals by Lori. 
Now raise your hand if you've seen Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta? Yeah, same place. And i don't know about you but I LOVE that show. I was such a nerd walking around taking pictures of everything, asking our consultant numerous questions about the show, when they film, etc. I'm pretty sure I embarrassed everyone in our party.
Whatever, they knew what they were getting into when they decided to go shopping with me.
Turns out the only film on weekdays and you have to have an appointment, fill out an application, blah blah blah, to be on tv. But you know that didn't stop your girl from asking if you could take a picture that pretty, light blue couch they have everyone sits on when they meet there consultant. Such a fun experience. 
Oh yeah, and we did find a dress!

me and the bride to be!


  1. How fun! I'm completely obsessed with that show!!

  2. Looove the mason jar! Take me to that restaurant!

  3. I love Gigi's cupcakes! It looks like a fun day shopping!

  4. I remember watching Say Yes to the Dess almost everyday during my engagement, I love the show. How fun you got to visit, thanks for sharing pictures. I adore your blog and am your newest follower :)