Wednesday, March 27, 2013

what i've been up to wednesday

humm potential link up..? or maybe it's already one and i haven't discovered it yet. 
so i've been a little a lot busy taking over my third grade class. but i'm happy to report that i'm (starting) to get the hang of things. i've been at school until 5 or 6 just about everyday since march 1st. 
it's madness i tell ya!
and my downtime has been anything but blog worthy. just a little this and that. you know how it is.

a tad bit of classroom organization.
bless my sweet parents for helping me.

a little crossfit action.
i always forget to bring my shoes into school to change into. this combo was the best i think.

a few of these guys.
 believe it or not chocolate does not make everything taste better. the strawberry is way better.

a bit of this

a lot of this!
grading. oh the joys.

and because everyone needs to have a little fun every once in a while, i went to atlanta to spend st. patty's day with a few of my girls.

what have yall been up to?

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  1. glad your classroom is finally getting there! :)