Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!!!

let's jump right to it!

i'm loving beautiful georgia weather today!

i even caught these brave souls on their way to the lake. i'm not sure it was quite warm enough for the lake but the thought is wonderful!

i'm loving that the kids were great today, not too crazy. thank goodness!!

i'm loving that today was tshirt wednesday at my school.

yes i wore a long sleeved shirt and scarf dispite the warm weather. it's cold in the building!

i'm loving my new necklace.
i'm literally obsessed with it!

i'm also loving that i was able to drive home with the windows down, blasting today's country pandora. i even decided to do my workout outdoors today.

the rest of my evening will be working on my valentine's for my class back in carrollton. it's too hard for me to make individual vanentine's for all my classes, too many kids. so i'm going to send some to my third grade babes i had during my internship. i miss them so much! 

how was yall's wednesday?!