Thursday, February 21, 2013

throw back thursday

eek! throw back thursday? on blogger?
i'm in!

i'm linking up with Julia and her two co-hosts Ady and Jennifer for my first (blogger) throw back thursday.

i post pictures on most thursdays on instagram and i think that it's so fun!
so since i'm a recent college graduate i figured that i would post some pictures from formal, 
my most favorite event every year.

freshman year. such a little baby
(i'm not 100% sure why my tongue is red..)

sophomore year with my bffl

junior year (the year i had to plan formal)

senior year and my favorite formal!! that was my favorite dress ever!
it's crazy how much i grew up in those four year. i mean my hair is SO much better than it was freshman year. yikes!

this is making me miss my sorority.
can't wait to see all my sisters this weekend and the alumnae luncheon :)

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  1. I absolutely LOVE that dress! Thanks for linking up with us :)