Tuesday, February 26, 2013

get me a "special" jacket, cuz i might be crazy

i signed up to take crossfit classes. 
20 to be exact. 
one of my sisters, who lives in the same area as me, found a deal on groupon (which by the way is one of my new favorite things) for 20 crossfit/kickboxing classes for 50 bucks in our area. the groupon said it was a $300 value. 
woah momma!

so naturally we just couldn't pass that up. i decided that i should probably do some research since i've already committed myself to this thing and i have to admit i'm pretty excited about it. i found a video on one website and the people were doing all sorts of crazy stuff like lifting over giant tires, throwing sandbags, and climbing ropes using just their arms. these people are crazy fit.
now i realize that they've probably taken more than 20 classes to get to that point but it looks like it's gonna be a good experience. 
i start on saturday with one of two basic classes. 
wish us luck!

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