Wednesday, January 9, 2013


i'm linking up with Jamie again for What I'm Loving Wednesday.

let's get to loving!

1. i am loving my job!! it's hard, and tiring but i can't imagine having a different first job. i love getting to work with all the grade levels. it's really testing my classroom management skills.

2. i'm actually loving living at home. (ask me in a few weeks and i might have a different answer) i love hanging out with my mom more, and i'm really enjoying her cooking. plus, it's quite. not that i didn't love living the sorority house but it's a little nice having a quite place to come to after work. although i am missing my sweet sisters a lot!

3. i'm loving that i'm finally feeling better! i was so sick over christmas break. my poor family was taking care of me while we were at my grandparent's house in illionis.

4. i'm loving that it's wednesday.. and there's only two more days until the weekend!

have a lovely wednesday yall!

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  1. Glad you're feeling better! I feel like half the people I know have been sick lately.