Sunday, January 6, 2013

inspiration for my room

so since i've graduated and moved home, to save money, and because i'm a typical "poor graduate", i decided that my high school/college room decor needed to go! so i've been searching for inspiration for my new, "grown up" room. thank goodness for pinterest to help a girl out! here's what has inspired me.



i do have a few things of my own that i want to incorporate into my room.

any suggestions?!


  1. I repainted my room gray when I moved back home and did a white bedding like in the picture above and kept the walls simple. I love it now and it feels a little more grown up or as grown up as I can get living with my parents lol.

  2. Adorable!! I love the light airy feel when designing a bedroom. I finally honed my personal style down to black furniture with white bedding and feminine pillows and victorian-style chair. I love it all! I love the nautical look too... I'm a sucker for it!