Monday, October 29, 2012

tonight's the night!

tonight is the night that 29 of my new babies become initiated sisters of alpha xi delta!! i am so proud of each and every one of them. and so blessed to have been their new member orientation chair. 

(not all are pictured here)

yesterday at pre- initiation they surprised me with this and a card signed by all of them. 

this is definitely one of the most rewarding job ever!

congrats ladies!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WILW (fall edition)

it's wednesday!! thank goodness! i mean, my school was out for fall break monday and tuesday but its still been a long week. 
let's see, i had my second to last new member meeting with my sweet, sweet new girls, i voted early yesterday, and started planning my two weeks full on teacher (which starts monday!!). i'm ready for a nap.
but first, it's time for what i'm loving wednesday (fall edition)!

i am LOVING pumpkin spice everything! hello fall.

i am loving these pretty outfits.

i am loving these cute pumpkins.

and this puppy.

he looks like a good cuddler on a fall evening. plus, look at those beautiful blue eyes!

and i am LOVING this bible verse. 

have a wonderful wednesday! 
2 more days until the weekend!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


part of my job as new member orientation chair is pairing big sisters with their little sisters and planning big sis discovery. talk about stressful. 
this past monday was our big sis discovery. i was a nervous wreck. between getting all the necessary stuff from the bigs and making sure all my new girls were at our meeting, i literally thought i was going to have a heart attack. 
but it all worked out and we had a very successful big/lil.
they had to pop their balloons to get a clue to find their "little" pumpkins.

**i was too excited at the moment when they all found their pumpkins and i forgot to take a picture of them. oops.

so once they found their "little" pumpkins they had to go to the greek village pavilion and match it to their "big" pumpkin. after they matched them, they found out who their bigs were!

also, we added a new addition to the fam. meet jasmine! my second great-grand little!!

my lil, aka my other half


hope yall are having a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


this past weekend was homecoming. 
and let me just say that it was a blast!
i'm gonna let the pics speak for themselves. after all a picture is worth a thousand words, and i have a lot of pics :) 


my date

Friday, October 5, 2012

it's the weekend!

yay!!! let the homecoming festivities begin!!!
the pep rally is tonight and the parade and game are tomorrow!
but first i want to share our tshirt from the braves date night we had last week.

i think i'm in love!
have a great weekend yall!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

"it's ok" thursday

soooo it's thursday. please tell me i'm not the only one who thinks this has been the longest week ever?!
like for real?! i need the weekend.

it's ok...

-that i watched part of the debate last night, and didn't follow one word of it. i'll read the summary later
-that i'm thinking of any excuse in the books to not go to grocery shopping today
-for yogurt to be dinner, hey i'm a poor college student (not to worry, this happens like once a week)
-that i'm too lazy to cook a legit dinner
-that i'm overly excited for homecoming this year!
-that i'm counting down the days until Gossip Girl comes back on (4 day by the way)
-that these were like, really random things to be ok about

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

adjectives.. and more!

i'm so excited to share some things that my supervising teacher and i have been working on. 

this was for the adjective lesson we did today.

i did a lesson about fact families yesterday. 
so naturally we made haunted fact family houses.

my teacher, found this idea on pinterest so we decided that it would be a good tool in our classroom.
plus it was fun to make!

and tonight i'm making these to grade my student's work with. i'm hoping one day i can get them made into sticky notes (or something like this) so i can use them in my own classroom.

sorry for the terrible quality of the pictures. these were all taken on my phone.
cross your fingers i get a new phone for graduation!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

just breathe

little known fact about me. i tend to get myself in way over my head and by that i mean that i take on too much. it's my last semester of college and i'm juggling my internship as well my senior seminar class as well as my position on exec (i'm the new member educator) and that can sometimes take a toll on me. but i am constantly being reminded how incredibly blessed i am to have such amazing and supportive sisters and friends. 
not to mention my family, they have always been my number one fans!
i'm also lucky that i absolutely love what i am doing. if it weren't for that love and support that i have i would be a basket case.
but i have learned that it is ok to take a step back and breathe for a second. i used to always feel guilty about taking time away from the tasks at hand to have some "me time". holding in all that stress is not healthy.
sometimes you have to just breathe. 
just take a minute, or hour (whatever you need) for some you time. those things that you need to do will still be there once you've de-stressed. plus, you'll probably get a lot more done once you've relaxed. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

weekend rewind

seriously, let's rewind this weekend. i was not ready for today. this weekend was a total blast!
it started with my sorority's date night to the braves game. it was chipper's retirement ceremony game so it was packed!

then the next day me and one of my sisters and i went to the georgia/tennesee game. we had every intension of going into the game but those cray cray people wanted $100+ for one ticket, so we said byeee we'll watch it at the tailgate! (for free might i add)

we stayed at her friend, steph's house. she was so sweet to have had us! 

my brother and i at the tailgate

we stopped by parson's, where olivia works, on the way back to school. you might remember me blogging about them in this post. and of course i had to pick up a few things. 

annndd once i wear them i'll take a pic and show yall ;)