Thursday, August 23, 2012

recruitment season

i do apologize by my lack of posts, but it's recruitment season over here at UWG and me and my sorority sisters are busy preparing. 
we start tomorrow night and bid night (the night we get all our new girls) is tuesday night. so if you don't hear from me until then that's why!

ps- i have SO much to fill you in on. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

happy birthday jess

today is my best fran's 22nd birthday!
we met in 8th grade but didn't become close friends until late in high school. but looking at the two of us together you would think we've known each other since birth. 
seriously, i swear we read each other's brains.
happy birthday jess!
love you :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

step one. done!

ok so i'm not really sure if the title really fits what the post is about but maybe i can figure how to connect the two.
yesterday, i met my supervising teacher for this upcoming semester.
(i just now realized that i haven't told yall what grade i'm in. let me do that now. i'll be in a 3rd grade classroom!!! what a blessing!)

i digress.

my teacher is wonderful. she's been teaching for 30 something years, 6 of them at this school i'll be at. she's taught k-5 and even adults for a time. she said that 3rd was one of her favorites. (it's mine too!) i think we're going to get along wonderfully :)
she even gave me my first carrollton trojans tshirt for what this school considers "casual friday". we can only wear black denim on fridays with school spirit wear.

so meeting my teacher... check!
internship meeting is the next step and that's next friday.
(see i did connect the post back to the title)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

so i got contacts today

it's about time too. i've had glasses for the past year and i absolutely hated wearing them so most of the time i didn't.
funny thing though, i didn't even know i had seeing problems until i was goofing off with my friend in class one day and put on her glasses. it opened a new world. a world that wasn't fuzzie. that square thing on the wall at the front of the room was a phone i just couldn't see the numbers.

weird huh?!

so yeah, i got contacts today. and they feel funny. i was told it was because my eyes are adjusting. this does go away right?

in other news, here a cute picture of a puppy that makes me go "awww come here lil guy, let's snuggle."

haha have a wonderful tuesday my friends!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Lilly Coasters

i saw a picture on, yup you guessed it, pinterest, and thought "i can do that!"
so i did.
turns out everything i needed was right around my house.

well actually those are the wrong felt pads. i had to go get those the next day at home depot.

these are the right ones.

i started by picking out the pages i wanted to use out of my lilly pulitzer agenda.
placed the coaster on the paper, traced it, and cut it out. 

next i put a layer of mod podge on the coaster. 
then i placed my paper on it, making sure to get all the air bubbles out.
i added a coat of mod podge on top.
after that coat dried, i put another coat on, let it dry, and added one more.
i added the felt pads to the bottom and done!
new coasters.

for this one i painted the coaster green first, then added the quote from my planner.
it'll match my room at school perfectly!

let me know if you have any questions!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


i'm linking up with Jamie over at This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

1. i am loving watching the olympics. especially the gymnastics!
the fab 5. i'm not gonna lie i may have def teared up watching these amazing young women.

and watching michael phelps make olympic history by becoming the most decorated athlete in olympic history.
you can tell i love the olympics!

2. i am loving my mom and i are moving me to back to school today. well sorta loving that. mainly that we get to spend the day together. that's what i'm loving!

3. i am loving nick lachey on live with kelly today. and the fact that he can't stop talking about how excited he is about his baby boy. melt my heart.

4. i am loving my pinterest finds this week.

all via pinterest

5. and i am loving that i'm getting my internship placement today. cross your fingers i get a younger grade!

have a wonderful wednesday!