Tuesday, December 18, 2012

i need a new computer

this one that i have now is about to drive me up the wall!! seriously, it's old, the mouse pad works when it wants to, same with the mouse that goes into the USB port, it's slow, you can hear the fan that's "supposed" to cool it down from three rooms away. it's awful!
 maybe santa will bring me one. if not this girl is gonna start saving now!

i'm drooling over this beauty.

it's so pretty! i just got my iphone last week (no more crackberry!) and i'm totally hooked on apple now. 
maybe i can get a teacher discount, cross your fingers!

oh and i finally figured out what exactly i will be doing at my new job! i am the paraprofessional for the media center. i will be teaching research skills as well as reinforcing writing skill while integrating technology when i can. this week i'm just meeting with each grade level to see where their students need extra help and planning for january. starting next semester they will come to me as one of their specials. 
i'm so pumped! i don't know how i'm going to remember close to a thousand little faces and names but i am eager to start!!

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  1. I am looking for a new laptop too. I am trying to decide between a PC or Mac of course I am leaning towards a macbook pro but I haven't bought a mac before and don't know how I will like it. I love my iphone but not sure how I will the laptop.