Monday, November 26, 2012


this weekend a bunch of us from my old youth group decided to get together and well... just catch up!
we started at my house for dinner.

and went to b's house for dessert. 
we ending the night at darin's house. it was basically a night of house hopping like we used to. talking about old times, making future plans and having a good time. 
it defently makes it easier for me to look forward to moving home when i have these wonderful, supportive people to come home to. (well at least closer than i am now)
God truly blessed me with this group. i can't imagine growing up without them!
love yall!

Monday, November 19, 2012

weekend recap

 who else is excited about all the christmas movies playing on tv right now?!

anyway, friday i drove to altanta after school to see one of my best friends, steph. she got us tickets to cirque du soleil in atlantic station. let me just tell you, the show was amazing! i'm still in awe of some of the things they did. if there is ever a show near you, go!
ps- the best seats are actually closer to the back. you can see more of the stage that way ;)

we had a much needed girl's catch up night watching "trashy tv" and three of her boyfriend's dogs (his fam was out of town). the next day we had an amazing breakfast, looked at apartments (for her, not me. i'm not ready for that!) and i FINALLY had my very first gigi's cupcake! it was so yummy!

unfortunately i had to go back to carrollton saturday night. i had all these big plans to pack some of my room, but i ended up doing homework and laundry. oh the life of a college student!

ocd much?

i also picked up the card inserts for my graduation announcements.
18 days, can you believe it?!
and look what came in the mail today!

i got it from the cutest etsy shop, Game Day Girls and Gifts. they have so much cute stuff!

perfect gifts for christmas!

tomorrow is the last day of school before thanksgiving break. mom and dad are coming to do a thanksgiving craft with my class tomorrow. i can't wait to see them. i can't lie, i'm getting pretty homesick. plus, there like no one at the house right. everyone else is on break right now. boo them!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

senior status

you would think that i would be eager to check things off my "to do" list, and don't get me wrong, i am butttt this week i just haven't been able to focus on ANYTHING that i should. 

instead i'm browsing

creeping on

(don't act like you don't)

ahhh i've been so unproductive today!!
i'm sure i'll kick my myself in the butt later for days like this.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Georgia/Auburn Weekend

saturday was the GA/AU game. and since my big goes to auburn we decided to take a road trip to go to the game... and crash on her couch. we had a blast!!
and georgia won :)
tiff, rob and i got into town friday night and met up with some friends.

goooo dawgs!

how's was yall's weekend?