Tuesday, October 2, 2012

just breathe

little known fact about me. i tend to get myself in way over my head and by that i mean that i take on too much. it's my last semester of college and i'm juggling my internship as well my senior seminar class as well as my position on exec (i'm the new member educator) and that can sometimes take a toll on me. but i am constantly being reminded how incredibly blessed i am to have such amazing and supportive sisters and friends. 
not to mention my family, they have always been my number one fans!
i'm also lucky that i absolutely love what i am doing. if it weren't for that love and support that i have i would be a basket case.
but i have learned that it is ok to take a step back and breathe for a second. i used to always feel guilty about taking time away from the tasks at hand to have some "me time". holding in all that stress is not healthy.
sometimes you have to just breathe. 
just take a minute, or hour (whatever you need) for some you time. those things that you need to do will still be there once you've de-stressed. plus, you'll probably get a lot more done once you've relaxed. 

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