Monday, September 24, 2012

"so can i borrow five bucks?"

the dreaded question. well if you're me it's really, "can i borrow twenty bucks?" and then i get an eye roll from my parents.
but i've learned how to make my money stretch. it wasn't easy, and it still isn't. but i've made a few rule to live by and i want to share them with yall!

1. eating:
i try my hardest to use my food money at the grocery shore. and i always have a list. that way i won't get there and buy a whole bunch of stuff that i don't really need. and i always eat a little something before i walk into the store. i've made the mistake of going to kroger a few time on an empty stomach and thankfully stuck to my shopping list or else i would have bought the whole store.
when it comes to eating out i stick to one, maybe two times a week. and i always make my take out meals stretch into two meals. (plus that way i have a really yummy lunch the next day!)

2. gas:
i hate, absolutely hate spending money on gas. so i try to limit my driving to a minimum amount. well now it's tough because i'm teaching everyday but i make it work. it helps when i plan out my trips. if i have to make a grocery trip i try to make all my little errands on that day too. i also think about what side of town i need to go to. my town isn't that big but i feel like it's a waste of time and gas to be driving from one side to the other, just to go back. so planning exactly where i'm going when i have errands helps me to save my gas money.

3. coupons:
i am not above using coupons on anything and everything. now don't get me wrong, i'm not the crazy coupon lady, i just like a good deal. and saving a few dollars here and there really adds up. my favorite are coupons on eating out! who wouldn't want a great meal and a discounted price?!
and this new thing that my mom has become obsessed with is samples. she has samples of everything sent to the house. she's hasn't paid for contacts in like three months because she keeps trying these free samples. smart huh?!

4. sorority:
when it comes to paying for my sorority i am so blessed to have parents who help me out with my dues. but i do pay for all the "extra" stuff myself. (ex: date night, formals, tshirts, etc.) but i've learned that you don't HAVE to buy every tshirt and you don't HAVE to buy your little absolutely everything for big sis discovery. i've learned how to be really crafty with my sorority money. i don't get every tshirt, just the ones that i feel like i'll wear the most. when it comes to taking little i've become a crafting machine. i also feel like making crafts for you lil makes it more special than just buying everything. (but that's just me. yall may love buying everything but this girl ain't got that kind of green.)

the place where i save the most money is buying books. my first semester i bought my books from the bookstore on campus. big mistake. while it was convenient that i had them the very same day, i found that i spent WAY more money than i needed to. and when i sold them back, i was disappointed to only get a fraction of what i bought them for back. i found this great website Campus Book Rentals. they are awesome. i found that i can rent my textbooks for a about 40% less than what i can buy from the bookstore. and guess what? i don't have to keep them! because let's be honest, i don't really need that biology book, or algebra book later in life. and at Campus Book Rentals you can even write or highlight in the book, if you need to keep them longer than your rental time, you can, and shipping back to the company is already paid for. they are also paired with an organization called Operation Smile. you can read more about Operation Smile here. so if you're looking for a great deal for textbooks check out Campus Book Rentals. you'll be happy that you're saving money, and happy for helping out a great cause at the same time!

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