Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday's Letters

YAY!! it's FINALLY friday. i thought this day would never get here.
i swear four day weeks are the hardest to teach.

dear Parking Services, why did you have to give me a ticket? i was having a perfectly good day and you messed with it. boo you!

dear My Sweet Loving 3rd Graders, i really do love yall a lot. but i don't like your germs. so please try to understand that i mean well when i ask you to wash your hands/use hand sanitizer at least 15-20 times a day.

dear Orientation, i'm going to miss you next summer. we had our last meeting together and it was bitter sweet. best summer job ever!

dear New Baby Xis, i'm so excited that you decided to join the best sisterhood! i can't wait to be your new member educator this semester. i'm so pumped to start our meeting so i can get to know all of yall better! tfj.

dear Dawgs, don't let me down tomorrow :)

have a wonderful weekend yall!!


  1. Boo on the parking ticket! I had car trouble twice this week, but luckily no ticket that wouldve got me extra mad!

  2. You are not lying about 4 days weeks...