Thursday, August 9, 2012

step one. done!

ok so i'm not really sure if the title really fits what the post is about but maybe i can figure how to connect the two.
yesterday, i met my supervising teacher for this upcoming semester.
(i just now realized that i haven't told yall what grade i'm in. let me do that now. i'll be in a 3rd grade classroom!!! what a blessing!)

i digress.

my teacher is wonderful. she's been teaching for 30 something years, 6 of them at this school i'll be at. she's taught k-5 and even adults for a time. she said that 3rd was one of her favorites. (it's mine too!) i think we're going to get along wonderfully :)
she even gave me my first carrollton trojans tshirt for what this school considers "casual friday". we can only wear black denim on fridays with school spirit wear.

so meeting my teacher... check!
internship meeting is the next step and that's next friday.
(see i did connect the post back to the title)

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