Thursday, July 26, 2012

what i've been doing

so i've been helping a teacher friend of mine set up her classroom. this isn't her first rodeo but she asked if i wouldn't mind lending a helping hand and i can use the experience. (because i'm crossing my fingers that it'll be me next year setting up my classroom.)

i sat here for two days checking these books into her classroom library on her phone. 
i'm gonna have to remember all these cool apps!

her library (i'm drooling) 
you can def tell i'm meant to me a teacher

 these are my new find. so cute!

also, i finished my current read

and i'm in need of a new one. any suggestions?


  1. i'm going into my 2nd year of teaching and could use some cool apps to keep me organized! which ones does your friend use? thanks!

  2. Have you tried Emily Giffin's new book "Where we belong"? So good so far!