Monday, July 30, 2012

scenes from my weekend + today

so what did i do this weekend?

my new j.crew peal cluster necklace came in the mail
(again, sorry for the terrible quality of the of the pictures. crackberry probs)

i've been watching A LOT of olympic action

on the way to lunch with dad and my aunt we saw four cars like this in tow. they all said "caution in tow" and were being pulled by cars the same size. all of them were PACKED with stuff.

today i reunited with my best friend from high school!

we had a yummy lunch at a place near her apartment in atl called tin lizzy's
best chips and salsa hands down.
thankfully she's just like me and freezes inside every restaurant we go to so we agreed to sit on the patio. we had it all to ourselves and we def needed it, we tend to get a little loud when we get together!

we walked around the park after lunch. conveniently located like 3 blocks from her place.

such a wonderful weekend and day!

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