Tuesday, July 3, 2012

i'm melting.. no for real. melting

did yall hear about the weather this past week?! well if you have ears, or eyes, or are living in the united states you know about the heat wave that attacked us this week. 
and atlanta wasn't exempted. we experienced temps in the three digits.

HOT is right!
and can you believe that our upstairs air conditioning unit DIED friday night. yes, friday. that's FOUR days ago. the entire fam fam had to sleep downstairs for the past three nights. 

but there's nothing like a broken ac unit, and the olympic trials to bring a family together. 
ps- did yall watch the trial at all?! such a tease i tell ya. now i'm super pumped for the olympics to start. 
my fav event is the gymnastic

what is yall's favorite olympic sport?

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  1. YAYY for a post :) I love me some gymnastics too. Good thing I quit when I was little.. think I'm a little too tall now! Lol love you Jenna!