Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Family Trip (Part One)

so this summer the fam decided that we wanted to go visit washington dc, our nation's beautiful capitol! we've been two other times but we thought that it was time for another go.
we stayed at my two great aunt's house. they live a short drive to the metro train that runs right into dc. 
we had a wonderful time! we even got a personal tour of the capitol by our good friend sami, who is interning for rob woodall (a member of the house of representatives on behalf of georgia).

an old picture of the first time we went to dc. that's aunt jo and aunt ada.
check out the winnie the pooh tshirt.

trying to figure out metro

the fam with our tour guide

we met sami in the building next to the capitol where some of the house of representatives' offices are and we got to walk through the underground tunnels into the capitol.
so cool!


inside the capitol's dome

ronald reagan

this is where we had lunch after our tour. they claimed to have the best burgers in dc.

and they were right! i don't even like burgers and i enjoyed this one!


this is the navy memorial. we haven't seen this before. this picture is upside down but it's a picture of the world. the dark spots are water. and that's me standing on hawaii. i've always wanted to go there :)

the white house
(i know you just rolled your eyes and thought, duh jenna)

we didn't get to go up in the washington monument this time because it's closed due to earthquake damages. but trust me, it's a beautiful view from the top!

during our last trip we only got to see this memorial briefly because it was dark and we were all tired. so we made sure to make time for it this trip.


we all took picture next to the state where we were born. 
(notice mom's hand on the hip action there. she's such a sorority mom. love her!)

the freedom wall on the far side of the memorial was really powerful.

i was bummed we didn't have time to see the lincoln memorial. this was as close to it as we got this time.

but i did find the scrapbook page mom made for our first trip in 2000, when i was ten years old. here it is for your viewing pleasure. 

you see that kid in the green shirt and the blue baseball cap? yeah, that's me. quite the tomboy. and overalls we def in...
i'm pretty sure they don't let kids slide down the outside of the memorial anymore, and i'm pretty sure it's because of my brother and me. oops!

keep a lookout for part two!!

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  1. great pics! and you make Chacos look super cute! :)