Monday, July 23, 2012

Family Trip (Part Two)

let's play a game real quick. it's called "if you really knew me you would know..."

ok here it goes. if you really knew me you would know that i LOVE sailboats. i've only been sailing a few time. the downfall of living no where near the ocean. but i just love them.
but dad's cousin owns his own sailboat that he races every week in chesapeake bay and he took us out the day before we left the dc area. 

here's some pic of the adventure!

t.c. (our captain) 

my little cousin austin

the navel academy

these are little razor sailboats. these guys were in the middle of a race when we passed them.


it rained while we were out.

jer and t.c. stayed outside

everyone one else went down into the cabin.

we had dinner at the annapolis yacht club and then sailed home.

they actually let me drive us back in the dark!
i'm totally hooked. i loved learning more about sailing and i'm itching to go out again.

so i realized that i still have more to tell yall about our trip, so i'm gonna post the last of our trip in one more post!
yay!! get excited :)


  1. That looks like such a fun trip! Love your blog!


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