Sunday, July 15, 2012

did i ever tell you about the time...

when there was a bat in the house? yeah that really happened. we got home from our family vacation late last night, (that post to come later) the ac still not working upstairs. so we opened the windows and turned on the attic fan, to pull in the cool air from outside. 

great idea right? 
we can finally sleep in our own beds after a week of sleeping on air mattresses and another week of travel. well right as i am about to dose off i hear my mom yell and run out of her room saying there is a bird or something flying around. only we couldn't find it, so we all went back to sleep. 

again, right as i'm about to fall asleep, i hear something moving around in my room, then i hear wings flipping around above me. i immediately shriek for mom and dad to come save me. dad finally got him, or her, i didn't really care what it was, it was in my room and it wasn't supposed to be, out the window. 

we all calm down and lay back down in our own rooms.. for about 30 mins.

because the little sucker found his way back into my room via my window. i would like to add that, yes the window was open, but the blinds were down and he still go in! so flippin scary. dad had to come get him again. and i went to sleep in my parents room, dad slept in the guest room.
we all finally fell asleep around 3:30-4am and woke up this morning to go to church.

what i night! anyone else have an encounter like this?!

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  1. I had a bat come into my house but thankfully not my bedroom - it was in my brothers! I would have been SO freaked out!