Thursday, May 17, 2012


my allergies have been going crazy this week! and of course i actually have stuff to get done this week. figures. but tonight i decided to do something productive.
mom and i found this at wal-mart and decided that it looked too cute to pass up.

the finished product.
and they turned out to be super yummy!

so remember how i mentioned my lil was coming to see me?! well shame on me we only took pics at the braves game. but we had a blast. i miss her so much already

i can't wait until we reunite again for the kenny chesney/tim mcgraw concert in a few short weeks :)

and look, lady liberty made a guest appearance! haha 

Monday, May 14, 2012

i can't wait!

i'm so excited for my lil to come see me tomorrow!!

its been rough living at home and not having all my friends live literally five steps from me. and even though i saw tiff just last week it seems like it's been YEARS!
ok well maybe not years but a really long time!
we have big plans for some pool time and then tomorrow night we're going to the braves game.
cross your fingers for good weather :)
i haven't been to a braves game yet this season and i'm hoping for a good game!

but anyways i've been busy with orientation plans and successfully trying to pack to go back to ctown. i leave saturday for the rest of may and all of june. 
yall remember me posting about orientation here and a "few" other posts. 
let's be honest all my june posts last year were about orientation. haha can you say nerd?

yeah it's ok, i'm cool with it.

how are yall spending your summer?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Start of Summer

so i've been on summer for a week now. and i can already tell you that i am so ready for orientation to start and to have a schedule again. 
i mean i have been productive for the most part. 

i have mom's mother's day gift. just gotta wrap it.
i'm working on dad's birthday gift.
bid night plans are getting started (sorta).
i'm updating some things for my new member education position.

i've been a busy girl but i'm the type that i need a daily schedule to keep going.
anyone else that way?