Friday, April 20, 2012

last day of 5th grade

so it's no secret that 5th grade hasn't been exactly my favorite grade so far student teaching, but i somehow made it through. without missing any days might i add :)
but i never realized how blessed i was to be at good 'ol western elementary school until today.
first, my supervising teacher got me a beautiful thirty-one bag. then the librarian let me and the other two 5th grade student teachers pick through some books she was going to get rid of. i scored big time! after lunch we ate the coco-cola cake my teacher made for me and the class. 

side story: while we ate our cake the kids sang a song to me. you know the we will, we will, rock you song? well they changed it to we will, we will, miss you. ahh how cute!!

anyway at the end of the day my teacher started stuffing my new bag FULL of teaching stuff. 
i am in heaven right now! i'm so bless to have met these wonderful people and to have learned so much from all of them this semester!

my new bag and start of my future classroom library

annndd this is my last day of school outfit :)

have a wonderful friday yall!!


  1. what an awesome cooperating teacher and how great you were able to start your classroom library from the generosity of the school librarian. have a great weekend! :)

  2. Cute outfit!!! Sounds like this was a great learning experience :)