Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

my very first link up with Jamie over at this kind of love

so exciting!!

here we go...

1. i am loving this beautiful weather we had today.
sunny with a high of 80, yes please!

2. i am loving that my sorority fam fam is growing! my grand little took a little this week :) so that makes me a great grand big... aka old!

3. i am loving my costume that me and one of my pledge sisters wore to our "i love the 90's" social last night!

4. i am loving this dress and swimsuit that i found on pinterest. if only i could figure out where to purchase these beauties. 

both via

5. and i'm loving that next week is spring break! and in 3 days i will be at the BEACH!!

have a wonderful thursday loves!


  1. Your tamagachi costumes are so legit! I remember playing with those in elementary school :)

  2. LOL at the tamagochi costumes! Those are awesome!

  3. LMAO I love the costumes!!! I love your blog and I tagged you in a fun post:

  4. Oh how I miss college... And love the tamagochi costumes!!

  5. Happy to have found your blog. Love your creative blog title :) very fun. Loving this post too! That bathing suit top is adorable.

  6. NOt sure if you're still looking for the swimsuit, but I found it! Still SEEKing the dress