Wednesday, February 22, 2012

what a fabulous week so far!

i've really needed a break and not having to teach monday, wednesday or friday has really done the trick! i've gotten my lessons for the new members all planned (for the most part), did some grocery shopping as well as  a much need shopping spree for me!

and since today is the first day of lent i decided to share with yall what i am giving up. if you follow me on twitter you've already heard the news.
i'm giving up coffee for 40 days!

hold the phone! say what?!

yup i said it, COFFEE.

so every time i walk by starbucks, or smell that wonderful sent of freshly bruwed coffee i'm going to think about everything that my sweet savior had to give up for me. it's going to be hard considering i drink coffee basically everyday, but i know that i can do it!

what did you give up for lent?


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  2. I just nominated you for a blogger award :)

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