Friday, February 3, 2012

Spring Fever

i just want to brag on myself for a second. i went an entire day of student teaching today without coffee!
yup, you read that correctly. w-i-t-h-o-u-t coffee! such an accomplishment for me. 
i've been on a tea kick recently. my favorite so far has been irish breakfast with honey and a little milk. mom got me this awesome tea tumbler for christmas. it literally keeps my tea hot, and i mean hot hot, for hours!
you can get one here as well as some amazing tea blends.
they are seriously amazing!

but anyway... i was really in the mood for spring weather when i got dressed for school today. i mean general beau lee (our local groundhog) didn't see his shadow yesterday so that means an early spring right?
clearly they didn't mean like the next day early because i was freezing most of the day.

that top is not meant for 45 degree weather. oh well.
ps- how great are casual fridays?!

we finished our door for the door decorating contest at school.
i think it turned out pretty cute and the kids loved helping with it.

i hope you friends have had a lovely week!
i gotta get started with my extremely long list of stuff to get done this weekend! it's a bit redic how much is on it. 83 more days until summer break :) 
wish me luck!


  1. man i wish i could say I went a day without i dont! haha i just love it too much! but I do love hot tea too :)

    Love your outfit :) haha and that is so funny that your town has its own groundhog!

  2. a day without coffee is definitely an accomplishment! The door your class did is too cute!!