Friday, February 10, 2012

monogrammed mania

everyone knows you can't have enough monogrammed items. 
case in point.. i wore my monogrammed marley lilly scarf to school today. along with my monogrammed tote i got as a maid of honor gift from the bestie, as well as my thirty-one monogrammed lunch box.
everyone at that school today knew my initials.

i'm also dying for some of these marley lilly treats.

monogrammed earrings

floppy hat

i've got my pretty little eyes of these babies!
you can purchase them all here.

oh, and check out what the special education teacher at school gave me today...

i've been helping in her 5th grade math special education class.
how sweet is she?!


  1. I simply adore monograms too! I've realized things like this sometimes--like I'll be wearing a ton of my favorite color {cobalt}. this post made my day :) so happy to have found your blog! have a very happy Valentine's day! xoxo {av}