Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day & Weekend Recap

since i didn't teach today i wore my Valentine's Day attire to school yesterday.

all the girls loved the pink scarf.

saturday my sorority hosted our 2nd annual "Xis and Their Favorite Guys" event. and of course my sweet daddy came! he wouldn't have missed this for the world. 
this year we went to the west georgia baseball season opener. 
and it was freezing!

so freezing that we only stayed for three innings and left to go to the basketball games.
good decision on our part because it was much warmer in the coliseum :)

the best dad a girl could ask for. (he's my real valentine)
he loves the wolves!

i hope that everyone is having a blessed Valentine's Day and eating as much chocolate candy that yall can get your hands on!
i know i am ;)


  1. That's so sweet that your sorority did that! I love that idea. Your outfits are so super cute!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day!! Love that pink scarf!

  3. We had a dad's day for my sorority too - so fun! Happy Valentine's Day :)

  4. I love your scarf. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day :)