Saturday, February 18, 2012

confessions of a 5th grade student teacher

so yall know that i've been student teaching in a 5th grade classroom this semester and there are a few things that i feel like i need to share with yall...

yes, i love teaching. i've wanted to be a teacher since i was in elementary school but my heart is with the itty bitties, meaning third grade and lower.
fifth graders have some cray cray attitude!
they cannot, and i mean CANNOT stand in a straight, quiet line to save their lives and it annoys the junk outta me! and they are always talking!!
yes, i've promised to take away their recess if they didn't do what i asked they to do after i told them three thousands time.
where they get the language they use is beyond me. i don't know how to handle a cussing fifth grader. awkward.
and i swear the stuff they're learning i didn't even see until middle school.

however, they do get my sarcasm a little bit better than the tiny humans and they mean well and are super sweet. i came to school the day after valentine's day and there was a bunch of valentines waiting for me on my desk!!

annnddd they told me the other day that i should be an artiest. 
(i need to point out that all i did was write the word "segregation" on a poster board, draw a red circle and a line through it) they were dead serious about it. they told me i would make more money and i should consider it. and one kid told me i don't look a day over 18. really? i look THAT young. i even got asked if i was old enough to drive.
i swear they say the darnest things.

but as much as i complain about getting up early and how crazy my kids can be sometime, i always feel like i've accomplished something at the end of the day. and that feeling always keeps me coming back for more!
i cannot wait to have a classroom of my very own one day but for now i'm perfectly content pretending to have my own room.

oh but i am thankful that i have this coming week off from student teaching! haha what will i ever do with all this extra time on my hands?!

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  1. sounds like an adventure with your kiddos! my mom is a teacher and I don't know how you gals do it... you teachers are making such a difference :)