Tuesday, January 3, 2012

trip to the dentist ... and bringing in 2012

here's my new years eve post, as promised :)

but first let me tell yall about my wonderful trip to the dentist. first off, i hate the dentist. everything about it. my parents would have to trick my into going when i was younger.

so i went to my cleaning and he informs me that i have a cavity. my first one!

they ended up fitting me in later that day to get it filled in, so i went to a nearby bookstore (thank goodness i brought my nook with me) and waited it out. but all i could do was think about the shot they have to give you to numb your mouth. and i'll let yall in on a little secret. i hate shots. hate them! so one in my mouth was freaking me completely out. i read a whole chapter in my book and had to reread it because my mind was totally elsewhere. 

so i went back to the office, he gave me the dreaded shot, and it was the longest lasting shot ever. i swear it lasted ten minuets! okay, maybe like 30 seconds but it felt like forever. after that it was no big deal, except i can barely open my mouth now because it's so sore. eating dinner was quite the challenge.

but enough about me being a big baby and back to new years eve.

my and a couple of my sisters went back to carrollton to bring in the new year together.

i was gonna wear a skirt out but i decided last minuet that i wanted to be super comfy and wear jeans. call me underdress! i dare ya ;)
my sweet lil.
kel kel came back to visit :)

my big was there too, but we didn't get any picture together. sad day.

i was so sad that we forgot to get new years hats and such so i was delighted when we found one on the bathroom counter. 
we snap a quick pic and put it back. i'm sure its owner was looking for it.

we all danced our way into 2012 and when we got home we stayed up even later talking about all the exciting things happening this year. no, we didn't get a lot of sleep. but we did have a wonderful night.

i hope yall's new years was just as exciting!!

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  1. Sounds like a fun night, bummer about forgetting the hats!