Wednesday, January 4, 2012

random post

i'm enjoying the last quiet moments of my break before i have to get in the swing of things. currently i'm doing laundry, hanging out with the pups and reading. super fun right?

oh, did you hear that justin timberlake and jessica biel got engaged over the holidays?!
yeah, i heard it on the radio this morning. and then i read about it here.
and i thought he was gonna wait for me!

oh well. at least i still have these beautiful men to keep dreaming about.

this is currently on my fingernails. love it!
sole mate

oh and this is the book i'm reading at the moment.

such random post.

hope yall are having a wonderful night!


  1. I love that essie shade! You'll have to do a book review when you finish that book because I have it on my "to-read" list on my kindle!

  2. I cannot believe they got engaged! I didnt even know they were back together!

  3. sole mate looks like a fabulous colour :)

  4. thanks for posting such lovely pics of these boys! a girl can dream, right?