Monday, January 30, 2012

photo dump

yes, i'm alive! i've just been getting into my routine of teaching and going to class. this week i'm throwing new member meetings into the mix! but all is going well so far. i'm teaching my first two 5th grade lessons this week. wish me luck! oh and ps- 5th graders = monsters! 
but here's just a few lot of pic from this last crazy week!

 one of my sisters sent me this! my favorite quote from mean girls.
my new favorite frozen yogurt place.
meet franklin, the teddy bear my grandma gave me a few years ago.
one of my students made me this on my first day. i think i'm gonna need some luck this semester!

some outfits of the day (not the same day of course)

my new shampoo and conditioner that i am obsessed with!
our new baby xis! (new members)
lil and grand lil and i bowling.
bid day shirts. 

girls night out. shame on me for not getting a pic of the whole group

hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. cute bid day shirts! and aveeno shampoo is amazing :)

  2. couldnt agree more with bethany!