Wednesday, January 18, 2012

let's celebrate

surprise! my bday was yesterday!! sorry for not mentioning it sooner (or at all) it's been a busy weekend!
and since i haven't blogged yet this week, i figured i would just give you a quick update!

sunday was birthday dinner one, with the fam fam at on the border. 
ever been there? i love it! 
they have this thing called guacamole live, where they make it right at your table. it's so fresh and soooo good!
anywho, my brother had to meet us there from work and when he walked in he had this lil baby.

inside there were a couple of pandora charms from my brother.
he got me the teddy bear b/c it's my sorority's mascot :)

my dad got me a biography on the kennedy's. (i LOVE biographies!)

and my mom got my a beautiful lilly skirt. 
i can't wait for warmer weather so i can wear it :)

and yesterday i went to birthday dinner with some of my sisters to our favorite local mexican restaurant, the border.

such a wonderful time. i'm so blessed to have these amazing girls as my sisters!!

oh!! hold the phone!!

speaking of sisters/sororities...
did you hear lilly pulitzer is having another sorority print contest?! 
alpha xi delta in the the final round!!
go vote for alpha xi :)
pretty please, i'll love you forever... but really, i will!


  1. You looked so pretty! Glad that you had a good birthday! P.S. got any good biographies that I should read? :)

  2. ooh happy (late) birthday! it sounds like you had a fun time...i love the skirt- makes me want warm weather, too :)

  3. That's my friend Stephanie from high school!! Haha so weird!!!

    Happy late Birthday!!

  4. happy belated birthday! pandora has the cutest stuff, and that teddy bear is so sweet :)

  5. Happy Birthday! Looks so fun

  6. your blog is adorable! and... happy birthday! :)