Thursday, September 29, 2011

pet peeves

yeah i got a few and i just thought i'd share. maybe we have one (or more) in common! 

when my students don't put their name on their papers. even after i've reminded them! ughh

when people ask the same question over and over again. no, the answer is not going to change.

three. and this is the big one.
when people complain about a situation but they refuse to do anything about it. if you don't like something work in a positive manner to change it. if you have actually tried and it still isn't working change the way you think about it. that's all there is too it. there is noting i hate more than complaining people who are rude and lazy. please do something to benefit everyone.

sorry about the little rant there, i just needed to get that out. 

i feel much better now.

so i've been trying (unsuccessfully) to find and change my blogger background and header. i am just not finding anything that sticks out to me. if yall know of any websites with cute stuff let me know!!

so homecoming is this weekend and i'm stoked!! i already have my dress. red, for west ga. go wolves!! our football team has actually been playing fairly well this year (knock on wood) so let's hope that trend continues. it would do wonders for out football program if they won a few more games :) 

what are yall up to this weekend?!
Much Love!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award!!

a very happy thank you to Southern Bliss for the Versatile Blogger Award!! 


be sure to check her out!

Rule #1: Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.

Rule #2: Share seven things about yourself.

1. i don't like microwave popcorn. only stovetop popped for this girl!
2. my sorority is a HUGE part of my life. like and really, really huge part
3. i'm addicted to pinterest and twitter (follow me!) 
4. i can't wait to be a teacher. i already have my future room planned!!
5. i have a younger brother who is one of my bestest friends.
6. i love watching football!
7. fall is my all time favorite season! followed by spring as the close second

Rule #3: Pass the award on to 15 bloggers that you recently discovered.
sorry if you've already received this award, i just think you are all totes wonderful!!!

Much Love!

Friday, September 23, 2011

football player i ain't

shocking right.

i'm not sure if i told yall one of my "goals" for my senior-ish year. 

play all the intermural teams that my sorority does. flag football, soccer and softball. (soccer is the only one i've actually played before)

yeah so football, it's not for me. let me tell you why....

wednesday, before our game, we were practicing and 'running routs' (new term i learned).
so i'm running for a pass, feeling pretty good, i miss the pass but that's not really a big deal. 
however, the big deal is that literally two seconds later i'm on the ground with no feeling in my left foot.


turns out as i was slowing down from running and being the major klutz that i am i rolled my ankle. the worst part was the sickening POP that i heard coming from my poor foot as i fell. major OW!
and of course there a huge group of other sorority girls near me and i'm pretty sure they heard it too because as soon as i hit the ground they're asking me if i'm alright, what happened, etc. so sweet of them but umm embarrassing for me. 

i mean there was NO ONE even around me!!!

so i get up (with the help of coach and my sisters) and go sit on the sideline.
oh but wait, our other coach insists that i get up and walk on it and stretch it out, which sounded crazy at first but ended up being the best thing for it. it helped the swelling to hold back until after the game.

yes, i still played
champ or just crazy?!

well anyway we lost the game. sad right?
and i did the whole RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevate) minus the C because i didn't have anything to wrap it with, before i went to bed and woke up the next day with a big 'ol swolen ankle that's all brused and tender. and sitting in class all day made it even worse. (silly me should have taken a pic to give yall a visual but nope i didn't, my bad)

i went home today and mom looked at it and deterimined that it wasn't bone that was injured, just the muscles and tendons so there was really no need to go to the doctor. thank goodness.

so i am currently sitting on the couch upstairs watching NCIS with my foot on the coffee table, iced, and doing (well supposed to be doing) homework. what and exciting life i live.
i just hope that it feels better before homecoming next saturday so i can wear heels.

i'll let yall know how the healing process goes. this is my first sprain so i'm not sure what to expect. 

have a lovely weekend yall :)
Much Love!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

hello fall!

thank goodness it's starting to feel like fall!!

 it's about dang time.

personally i would like it to be a little bit cooler but beggars can't be choosers and it'll get plenty cold before i know it. 

so we went to the braves game on friday and it was SO much fun. yeah our seats were a little high and i wasn't feeling 100% i still had a good time. i didn't even get that lost going home after the game. 
(normally i get so lost in atlanta but i figured it out this time!)

some of the lovely ladies and me

and then on saturday, dad, mom and my aunt ruthie went to the suwanee days festival. it was so dang crowded but they had the BEST greek food there.
however, those greeks need to get on their sweet tea recipe, it was slacking. 
at the suwanee city hall there was a piece of the world trade center. 
woah. heavy right.
i still remember exactly where i was when i heard the news. its was very moving to see an actual piece of history right there in front of me.

powerful, right?

and today was my church's homecoming. happy 39th birthday Lilburn Christian Church!!!
i've been attending LCC since i was in first grade. i've met some amazing people and had some wonderful experiences there. i am so blessed for parents who wanted me to grow up in a church family and that they found one that has been so supportive. 
Much Love!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

how tired is too tired?!

i feel awful. between lack of sleep, classes, student teaching (which i started this week), sorority and other school stuff, i believe that i have over extended myself. my throat is killing me so say hello to my scratchy man-ish voice. my head doesn't hurt, thankfully. i've been getting headache almost daily so i def don't miss those but my tummy is feeling a little funny. but i've dad decided that i am to stay in and rest up tonight. 
that means no first home football game. (and i had the most perf outfit too!) 

but aside from my crapy day today, this week has been VERY exciting.

i started my student teaching for the semester and i'm in a  third grade class, and i LOVE it!
i LOVE my teacher..
i LOVE the school..
i LOVE the subject material..
and i LOVE those precious kids!

don't get me wrong, i love love loved my kindergarteners and first graders but third grade is a whole different ball game. i cannot wait to teach my first lesson next week!!

i had my "up 'til dawn" interview on tuesaday. i applied for the moral chairperson and i should find out about it soon. (i hope) cross your fingers!!

yall remember how i was an orientation leader this past summer?!?! well guess what!! i made head staff for next summer. basically what that means is i'll have a bigger helping hand in the process of orientation. i'll also have a group of orientation leaders to lead, instead of new students. 
how exciting right?! 
so yall will def be hearing more about that!

last night was our xi man crush party. we invited all the fraternities and sisters got to invite their boyfriends and we rented out a bar. i always enjoy the crush parties the most. i had the privilege of announcing our "xi court" and "xi man" they're are like a sweetheart and sweetheart court you hear fraternities having. 
such a great night!!

well i'm off to rest this nasty whateverness off. hopefully i'm feeling better so i can make it to our sisterhood retreat at the BRAVES game!!! 

hope yall have had a wonderful week :)
Much Love!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


my beloved camera that i've had since my senior year of high school finally bit the dust. and since i don't want to spend $100+ on another one (well not right now at least). my mother graciously let me borrow one of her cameras. mainly because i may or may not have complained about not have something to capture the memories of my senior-ish year. (i say senior-ish because it's my fourth year but i won't graduate until dec 2012. a semester late. but it's totes not a big deal!) anywho, i don't have a connector cord for said camera so i'm not really sure how to get pics from my camera to my computer. 

wtf right?!

i hope you loves had a wonderful weekend!
my first day of student teaching third grade is tomorrow (so excited). 
wish me luck!!!

Much Love!