Thursday, June 30, 2011

orientation is done with until august and i'm FINALLY home for the summer!!!! (insert HUGE smile here!) however, i'm not really sure what to do now....
i mean i have an inturnship but i'm not sure if they need me to work yet sooooo now i'm just chillin out at home. trying to think of things to keep me busy, trying not to spend my paycheck all in one place and trust me that's freakin hard for a shopoholic like me! so wish me luck that i can figure something out! hopfully with all my free time i'll learn to create a bugdet. i feel as though that skill is long overdue.

oh and on a completly different note. i'm currently watching this new show Suits, on USA networt. it's about a college-dropout, Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), who slips into a job interview with one of New York City's best legal closers, Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht). Harvey takes a chance by hiring Mike on the spot after he recognizes that he has a natural talent and photographic memory. it's pretty inturresting. plus the two main characters aren't too bad on the eyes.

lookin good boys!
Much Love!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

what i'm reading

i've always been a reader. my dad helped me learn to read when i was in preschool, and i don't mean just memorize a book and recite it from memory but really learn how to read. i remember the first day of kindergarten asking the teacher if i could read my new book to the class. it's pretty safe to say that i'm a big fan of books.
however during the school year i have a hard time finding the time to read for myself. i'm usually either reading for class or planning lesson etc. so the summer is my good book catch up time.
my mom got me a NOOK Color for christmas and i'm in LOVE.

it is the best invention ever! i like to read multiple books at a time (something i picked up from my mom) and my nook allows me to carry more than one book with me at a time. not only that but it allows me to download my favorite magazines straight to it as well.
love love love!
well so far this summer i've read two book and i'm working on my third and forth book right now.
i've already read the lincoln lawyer by michael connelly. it's about a criminal defense attorney, Mickey Haller, who works out of his lincoln town car. it's an intense read. i haven't seen the movie yet. i think it'll be a good red box movie.
water for elephants by sara gruen is the second book i've read. i'm not gonna lie though, i've saw the movie before i finished the book. my mom really wanted to go see it and how are ya gonna turn down mom paying for a movie. and i must say i loved them both.

i'm currently reading the fixer upper by the lovely mary kay andrews (love her!) its about a young woman, Dempsey Killebrew and her journey to "flip" a house in Guthrie, Georgia as well as "flip" her life.

the other book that i started just yesterday is the walk by richard paul evans. i absolutly love his books! i read  the sunflower last summer after a breakup. it defiantly inspired me and so far this book is doing the same. it's about a man who literally loses everything and decides to walk from his home in seattle, washington to key west, flordia. along the way the people he meets and the lessons he learns inspire him and save his life.

i recommend all the books to anyone looking for a good read. well i hope all you loves are having a fabulous weekend.
Much Love!

Monday, June 20, 2011

2 minuet update

so while my little orientation kiddies are in their academic session i thought that i would give yall a quick update. it has be so crazy here lately with orientation sessions, ashley's wedding, father's day etc. i promise i'll post pictures from all of these events ASAP.

but i'm sooooo ready for august and for school to start. mainly i'm ready for cooler (not colder) weather! the church that ashley's wedding was held at didn't have air conditioning because of a storm that hit here pretty hard a few days ago. but it was so good being about to see everyone. a lot of my sisters were there so we got a catch up for a bit. also, yesterday at church there was no AC at my church because lightening hit one of the AC units next to the church and sent a charge and knocked out half the power in the whole place. and let me tell you.... we were ALL sweating! noooo good. happy father's day right?!

well it's about time for them to go see their advisors, better go make sure they all get to the right place. cross your fingers that dinner tonight at the school cafeteria is good!!
Much Love!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

picture post

well as promised, here is my post of picture!!! enjoy loves :)


754 graduates!

fam fam

i'm such a proud big sis

yup, the diploma is real!

the uniform 

we carry these everywhere!

name tag. but yall are smart and probably figured that out on your own!


this is zing, its a west ga spirit thing. he visited orientation

six of our eight silver squad member 

other summer festivities

"old girls" pic

just posing with some cool juice

cutest puppy ever!

Much Love!

Friday, June 3, 2011

new post finally!

its about time right?!
so sorry friends, i have been swamped!! and i'm so sorry i'm always saying sorry for leaving you for days at a time without any updates. badddd jenna! 

i'm not even gonna lie i've tried to blog a few time but i'm always SO tired from orientation. this georgia heat is KILLING me. it just drains you even when you're standing there, so walking in it is killer!

but i'm having a blast meeting the new freshman. i'm pretty sure that the kids in my small groups think i'm crazy because i make them play silly games and dance at 2:30 (the dancing at 2:30 is an orientation thing) however all this fun in the sun is messing my allergies like MAD! i've already broken out it what looked like bug bits all over my legs, arm and stomach so i had to go to the doctor to help with that. (it's all gone now, no worries!) and two days ago i started coughing a bit, but i didn't think anything about it until the next morning when i woke up with no voice. 

no bueno!

can you imagine an orientation leader with NO voice?! so awful. i had to use my squeaky, raspy, man-ish voice to talk to the future of west ga. go west right?! well thank goodness i can rest until wednesday so i'll be good to go for the next session. i can't wait to share with yall my awesome new gear that i have received from being an orientation leader. it's all sweaty and dirty right now so i'll wash it and have a photo shoot later :)

in other news.....

my little baby brother GRADUATED from high school!!!!!!! ahhhh i'm soooooooo proud of him!!


my camera died (i seriously need a new camera!! suggestions of good cameras that have a long battery life and take good quality pics are much appreciated!) but my mom took pics so when she sends them to me i'll post those as well. 

so guess what yall have to look forward to....

A POST OF PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!! 

i know you're super excited!

i'm headed to shower and do some laundry before our recruitment workshop tonight. i'm in such need of seeing my sisters. i miss them so much!
(if any of yall are reading this, i CAN'T wait to see yall!)

that's it for me. have a fabulous friday loves!
Much Love!