Sunday, May 22, 2011

some slight obsessions

so there are a few things this summer that i have become OBSESSED with!
essie nail polish.
this is just what i have a school with me. there's more at home. my toes are currently 'nice is nice' and i LOVE it! however i've got my eye on this color. 

braziliant. i would love this on my little piggly wigglies. perfect for the beach.

which is another thing i'm obsessed with! but ask me if i will be going this summer?! negative. but hopefully i will get to visit the beach when i go to haiti in july. keep your fingers crossed!

and that brings my to my next obsession. haiti.
i've been trying to learn what i can before we head out there. i know its going to be NOTHING like i expect but it's nice to learn about where you're going.

facts about haiti:
population: 9,719,932
urban population: 52% of total population 
people living with HIV/AIDS: 120,000 (2009 est.)
deaths from HIV/AIDS: 7,100 (2009 est.)
religions: roman catholic but roughly half of the population practices voodoo
language: 1. french 2. haitian creole (the most commonly used)
capital: port-au-prince 2.1 million residents and where we will be visiting

i've been goggling images of the country and this is defiantly going to be an experience for me.
before the earthquake.

after the earthquake.
and i doubt that much has changed since last year. i cannot wait to visit with these people and get to know them better. 

so continuing on my theme of my obsessions the next on my list is my chacos. 

this is my pair. 
loving the dirt alllll over right?! sorry about the nasty tile floor. thank you dorm room. but i literally wear them everywhere! so comfortable. 

get ya some! i drink at least 3 or 4 a day.

well it's time for me to catch up on whitney's costa rica adventure. i've mentioned her before in one of my posts but i haven't read it in the past couple day so i'm playing catch up! hope everyone had a lovely weekend!!
Much Love!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

orientation training... so far

so as yall know i have a job as an Orientation Leader for my school. however, before the new little west georgia babies come visit us, we have to learn EVERYTHING about the lovely University of West Georgia and in order to do this we have an intense TWO solid weeks of training that consists of waking up at 7-7:30 (depending on if i want to shower and wash my hair) and get to the meeting place at 8:30 and we are going nonstop (we have a lunch/dinner break) all day until 6 or 7 depending on what we have to do. 

actually we have to be there at 8:15 to be 'on time' 

let me explain

our head honcho of orientation has this motto.

"if you're early, you're on time. if you're on time, you're late. if you're late, you're fired."

extreme? yes. effected? YES!!

i've been SO good at getting to our meeting places early. and i'm the type to get somewhere right when i'm supposed to be so this has been really good for me. i hope to keep this up throughout the summer and on into the school year, and heck, maybe my big girl job!

well one of the coolest things that we're doing is making a video that all the students and parents that come to orientation will watch. this is my part.

let me set the scene.

i'm at the rock wall in the campus center (pretending to climb it) and i look down at the camera, smile my charming smile and say....

"i'm west georgia because no rock can hold me down!"

and then i proceed to climb the wall for about 5 seconds.

cheesy i know, but ahhh i LOVE it! hahaha 

well i have another full day of training tomorrow and i gotta do some 'homework' for tomorrow's training. yeahhhh homework for my job! gotta love it! no worries more of fabulous training to come. i haven't even begun to skim the surface of what we've been up to!
Much Love!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

one word


yes, the word that makes every girl do a double take. this shopping trip for for bathroom decor for the upstairs and downstairs bathroom in my parents house.

but before my mom and mine's shopping trip could start we went to a retirement party for a lovely lady that my mom works with at northside hospital.
my mom works with the newborns there. omg if i wasn't going to be a teacher i would totally be a nurse like her. i would love love loveeee to work with the itty bitties!
anyway. my mom has worked there for 20 some odd years, needless to say they know all about me, but i have never met most of them.
so when i was there my mom was so excited to introduce me to all her work friends and i really enjoyed hearing, "OH MY GOSH! you're so pretty!! you look just like your mom!"
ego boost... i think so!

ohh and listen to this little story. so i'm driving back to carrollton and i see behind me a car that looks JUST like a cop car. so what do i do... SLAM on breaks!! (yeah i know you're not supposed to do that but i've already had one speeding ticket and i don't plan on getting another) i mean i wasn't even speeding, but it still makes me nervous. well guess what?! it was a dang atlanta taxi. the trickery!

anyway, so back to my shopping trip. we got this lovely painting at ikea for the upstairs bathroom. 

i swear it's the buckhead skyline. that really tall building looks EXACTLY like the building i intern next to.

we also decided that we just HAD to visit the target! my fav store ever!

if only this lil guy was for sale. ha!

i picked up a new outfit, perfect for my brother's graduation party at the end of may. you'll see later ; )
but i know exactly where my first paycheck is going. towards this little baby....

ok this pic does not do it justice. it's so cute in person!

alrighty, that's it for now. wish me luck moving into the dorms tomorrow!! eek!
Much Love!

Monday, May 9, 2011

i must admit...

that one.
i have been a HORRIBLE blogger! i am so sorry friends! between student teaching, final projects, and studying for finals i haven't even had time to breathe. but i promise that i'm going to be better not that it's summer i plan on blogging a lot more :)

two. (since i've admitted one thing i might as well get it all out!) 
i've tried so hard to be okay with all my friends graduating and going off to the real world. (or to grad school) i mean i'm so proud of them but i'm still going to miss walking to the door next to mine and have a random chat with my big. next school year is defiantly going to be different!

i haven't worked in about three weeks :( oops! dang all this school work i've had. my poor bank account. thank goodness i start my orientation job wednesday.

on wednesday i start my orientation leader job! you might remember it from this post. and i'm stoked! but i must admit i'm totally FREAKED out about living in a dorm for the next two months. yeah i know that it sounds silly to be freaked out about something like that but i've never lived in one before. i lived in the suites my freshman year and then moved into the sorority house for the past two years. this should be interesting. at least i have my twiny to share the experience with. guess i need to invest in some shower shoes!

my mom, brother and i are going on a mission trip to haiti this july for two week (i'll post more about that later!) and i must admit... i wanna go NOW!!! i simply cannot wait to visit those sweet little children at the orphanage that we'll be visiting :)

even though these CSI and and Criminal Minds scares me i can't help but watch them! i'm watching Criminal Minds right now and it's blowing my mind how crazy people are. and of course the last two episodes that i've watched are set on college campuses. comforting right?! guess i need to watch some cartoons or something before i decide to go to bed so i won't have nightmares! 

one of my pledge sisters is studying abroad in costa rica for the month of may, and i gotta admit i wish i was there with her! what an adventure! however she's blogging all about her trip here. hope you are having a wonderful time whitney!!

ehh that's all i got for now. i'm gonna get back to my tv show. 
ohhh ps- gossip girl tonight at nine! yessss!

Much Love!