Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Break.. So far

if you guess number 3 in my two truths and a lie you are CORRECT!!
i dislike science with a passion.
math is more my thing.

but i'm not here to chat about what math... i'm on christmas break.
thank goodness!!

i finally got home yesterday. keep in mind i've been done with class since last thursday. yikes!
but i've been busy with an exec meeting, head staff retreat and going to visit my sweet third graders. i have never received a more warm welcome than i did when walking into that classroom. they are such sweet kids!

but now that i'm home i've been christmas shopping, (almost done btw) thank you pinterest for some lovely ideas, baked cookies, done laundry, painted and repainted my nail, and of course watched as much christmas tv/movies as i can!

side story: when i got home i found a lovely little present on my bed from dad. a  GACE practice book. guess i'll be starting my studying while at grandma's

which bring me to my next subject.

we're going to illinois friday :)

i was there in october (you can read about my visit here) but i'm so pumped to go back!
every year for christmas my fam fam drives 12 hours, that's right i said 12 hours, to see the rest of the crazy fam fam. it is absolutly one of my favorite trips that we make. 
since we live so far from our extended family we only get to see them one, maybe two times a year. it's always an exciting and loud time when we get together. i can't wait to tell yall more about it!

in the mean time i have lots more baking and christmas shopping to do. 
wish me luck!
Much Love!

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