Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December

yaaaaayyy! it's december!
i'm SO excited!
we already have the sorority house decorated with not one but TWO trees!
and the other day we had our scarf swap, and i've have to say that it was a huge success. 


my fam fam

and ps- em if you're reading this we MISS you and this picture just isn't the same without you!!

and last night was our tacky christmas social. 
i was a christmas tree, complete with christmas light 
(battery operated hehehe)

yesterday was also my last day in my third grade class. i was so sad to leave. but i did manage to keep the tears at bay while my students gave me their cards and gifts. they spoiled me! 

melt my heart!

my supervising teacher.
ha it looks like i'm wearing a hat but its the top of the christmas tree.

my wonderful supervising teacher knows and understands my obsession for lilly and got me a lilly magnetic board and tote bag. how sweet is she?!
(the merry christmas card was drawn by one of my students)

and my students loved the melty snowmen cookies that i slaved away baking the night before.
thank you pinterest for the idea!

on another note, thanks for the sweet comments about my semi dress. it was so cute and comfortable!
and believe it or not it's from old navy! 
yes... old navy!

you can get it here.

and the necklace is from francescas but i can't find it online anymore. sad day.

anywho. i'm enjoying the winding down of the semester and actually relaxing for once in my life. 
what a neat concept right?! 

hope yall are having a wonderful day :)
Much Love!


  1. you seem like such a great lil teacher! I bet those kids loved you! And we have our xmas tree up too! makes me so excited for the holidays

  2. Yay!!! Thanks for the shout out. Haha I miss my fam fam so much!

  3. Ohh I have and love this ON dress in black! Its amazing!!