Monday, October 24, 2011

no homework?!

this can't be real life. 

oh but wait.. it is!

ok well kind of. 

i do have a lesson plan that need to be written...

and some social studies questions to be answered....

but i have my pj's on and i'm heading to bed with a good book.

but fist some weekend updates.

my sorority had our fuzzie football philanthropy event saturday. we raised over $1,000 for Autism Speaks!!!

*insert big smile here*

my and the second lil one cheering on the teams

our champs with some of the girls. 
(the lil child on front was the cutest thing! he LOVED all the pretty girls)

well off to bed.

gah i'm such a grandma for a college kid!
Much Love!


  1. Heart of the Matter is such a good book! I love nights when I can sit down in my PJ's and read ;)

  2. Love Emily Giffin! Cute blog and great name! ;)