Monday, October 10, 2011

luke bryan and mother/daughter tea

yeah that's right... luke bryan came to lil 'ol carrollton for the second year in a row. 

melt my heart.

how can you not love that?!

although i can't lie... i didn't know his music as well last year when he came but you better believe i'm obsessed now!

too bad he's taken. a girl can dream right?!

but let me give a little piece of advice. if going to a concert that's basically in the middle of no where (like this one at the fair grounds) make sure everyone you go with leaves at the same time and follows each other there. we had about 4 or 5 cars full of sisters and i only saw about half of them there because we all got separated, or maybe that was just me.

just sayin'

but yesterday was our mother/daughter tea that i (with the help of some sisters) have been planning. i think it was a success. mom seemed to have fun.

and i would display pictures here but mom took them on her camera and hasn't sent them to me.

but i do have to confess that i've been keeping a "lil" secret of mine.

but you'll just have to wait until wednesday to find out what it is ;)

gotta keep the mystery ya know!!
Much Love!

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  1. my sorority is having a mother daughter tea =] im excited!