Wednesday, October 19, 2011

big/lil pics

before i post pics of big/lil reveal like i promised i must must MUST tell you about the most amazing cupcake i had the pleasure of sinking my teeth into today.

my supervising teacher (the teacher who let's me crash her classroom twice a week!) is a wonderful baker. and i'm not just saying that because a adore her, it's the truth people!! it was a carmel cupcake and omg if a cupcake could change your life this would be the one! 


i'm most likely going to have dreams about it tonight :)
i've also heard people rave about her strawberry cake. that's next on my must try list!

but anyway here's the link for her website. 
(yes, she can ship these yumm yumm treats right to your door)

back to big/lil

so how we did reveal this year was take a sisters car and write clues about the license plate number for the lils to decode.
ex: if there was a 9 in the license plate a hint would be
why was 6 afraid of 7? because 7, 8, ......

cute right?! 
and yes, that was one of my clues ;)

after they decoded the license plate they found that car with their big hiding in the trunk.

say hello to lil #2!


tmoss (first lil) and i wait for the new additions to arrive! 

all most of here stuff. there was more waiting in my room
she is spoiled rotten! 

i'm getting old!

the whole fam fam

well i'm gonna get back to my never ending homework and christmas music because Jessica says it's never too early for christmas music!

Much Love!


  1. Excuse me but that is most definitely not the whole fam fam! The most important member is missing! :(

  2. Congrats on your new little! I was so excited to get my big this year. We'd already been friends since rush :)